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How much do you charge?

You can find our starting prices on our services page. These prices are based on a solo musician and go up as you add more people. Please get in touch for an accurate quote.

How long does it take to shoot the video?

Again, this is individual to each project, but shoots can range from 2 to 8 hours including setting up and packing down.

How long will it take to get our video back?

We have a 3-5 week turnaround time for our showreels, and we do things in stages. We start by working on one song and will have that back to you within 3 weeks for approval. Once approved, we will crack on with the rest and have those back to you a week later. Once they are all approved, we will put the showreels and social media bits together and aim to be completely wrapped up by week 5.

What happens if we already have the audio recorded? Can we use that instead?

Absolutely, and that will be reflected in the quote we give you.

Where are you based?

Our studio is based in Reading, but we're happy to travel all over the UK and further afield if needed.

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